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January Movie Review

I am almost ashamed at the number of movies I have seen in the last couple of weeks. While I do enjoy going to the movies or watching a movie at home, I can't remember ever watching this many in such a short time frame. Let me explain, at home (back in Georgia) in the evening I was usually busy driving children from one lesson or activity.  Here in Germany, the children's activities are right after school and often don't require me to drive them anywhere.  Also, I don't like to drive here in Germany at night. We live 30 minutes out of the city and the roads are not well lit, and then there is the fog that rolls in over the valley too. I am reading some good book too, so I guess that balances out all the movie watching.

First up is the movie is Goodbye Christopher Robin based on the life of A.A. Milne the writer of the famous and beloved Winnie the Pooh books. The movie does actually stay pretty true to the real life events.  Milne who served in WWI  was anti-war and wh…

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