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10 Things

Tonight I am having a hard time finding the right words to say. I have sat here staring at my computer waiting for the words to come and yet somehow they evade me.  I have started writing on multiple different things that have been on my mind. Then it came to me, I will write on what I am grateful for because I certainly do have a lot to be grateful for and it is not lost on me. The little girl who lived most of her childhood in a trailer park who had to scrape up coins around the house for lunch each day is living this amazing life. So lets begin with the photos above, I am grateful for the beautiful sunny day earlier this week that allowed me the opportunity to go for a quick walk in the forest after picking up my daughter from school and produced these beautiful photos.  I can't wait for the next beautiful day so I can get photos of the other too. 2) I am grateful for this opportunity that has been extended to us to live in Europe for a year, and for the resources that allow m…

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