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Visiting Saalburg and Hanau

We had been planning to go to Saalburg for a while because every time we drive up the A5 back from Frankfurt there is a sign advertising the castle or rather ruins, but as life would have it we were busy and hadn't made it till this past week when Roman's teacher asked all the parents to take their children.  Saalburg is located I would say about 20 minutes outside Frankfurt on the edge of the Tanaus Mountains and more like a half hour from where we live in Butzbach.  It is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites as it is one of the most completed forts belonging to the Romans, who occupied Germany, beginning around 90 AD.  It is believed that the Romans occupied the area until the beginning of the 3rd century. It also appears that the fort was abandoned freely as opposed to forced withdrawal. The museum is really fascinating as it holds original Roman coins, shoes, weapons, pottery, and even games.  Romans class is studying this time period of German history.  We didn't…

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